Caragana (Siberian Peashrub) 3-Year Miso 1 Oz Tasting Sampler


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This is precious stuff, and a little goes a long way! But we want to share it with those interested in how this perennial legume can be used in place of soybeans in miso, tamari, tempeh, and ‘soy sauce’-like applications.

Caragana arborescens (Siberian peashrub) is a perennial leguminous shrub that grows in cold temperate climates and produces small seed pods, with ‘beans’ the size of small lentils. It is close to the protein-carbohydrate-and fat content of soybeans. We collect the seeds each year, and have found that their best use is in fermented or cultured condiments like miso and tamari, preserving their valuable glutamates, substituting for soybeans in such cultured recipes.

This miso has been aged for 3 years, and we thought to share with you, so you can experience the flavors and potentials of this shrub, which fixes nitrogen and attracts abundant pollinators. We encourage anyone planting a perennial food system to familiarize themselves with plants and their fruits before investing time and space in your system.

This miso was made with caragana and organic brown rice koji produced by Rhapsody.


Here’s a longer article about our miso from our SHO Culinary page:


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