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Earth Talk: The Earth Gnome – told by Martin Shaw

As part of his Earth Talk “Entering The Bone House – The Skill of Making a Home for Story” at Schumacher College, Martin Shaw told the story “The Earth Gnome”. About Martin Shaw Martin is author of “Snowy Tower: Parzival and the Wet, Black Branch of Language”, and the award winning “A Branch From the Lightning Tree”. Director of the Westcountry School of Myth, he lived for four years under canvas, exploring small pockets of the British countryside. He is principal teacher at Robert Bly’s Great Mother Conference, and devised and led the Oral Tradition course at Stanford University in Northern California. His translations of Gaelic poetry and folklore (with Tony Hoagland) have been published in Orion Magazine, Poetry International, the Kenyon Review, Poetry Magazine, and the Mississippi Review. For more on his work go to



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