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Herb Gathering Interviews

At the 2019 Vancouver Island Herbs Gathering, our own Dionne Jennings took some time to interview some amazing Canadian Herbalists including Netta Zeberoff, Colleen Emery, Jeananne Laing and Patrick Kooyman. Enjoy!!


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Becky Starling is a Community Herbalist and College Coordinator with Wild Rose. A prolific organic gardener and reiki practitioner, Becky creates herbal remedies and inspires and educates folks about plants and their many uses. She is the founder of Cedar Hill Herbs where she creates herbal tea blends and remedies from homegrown and ethically wildcrafted plants.

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21st Century Herbalism to Support Growth, Change & Global Immunity: Interview with Dr. Terry Willard

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of sitting down with, and as things happen these days, virtually with Wild Rose College Founder Terry Willard–me in Winnipeg, and Terry on Vancouver Island.
As Terry has been actively involved in the herbal industry as College Director, Educator, Clinician, Consultant, Advisor and Advocate for 40+ years, I wanted to chat with him about how the role he sees Herbalism playing in 2020.
“I think there’s never been a time more relevant–in current history…–that herbal medicine, and getting in tune with our immune system and with nature has ever been more important.”
-Terry Willard, Founder of Wild Rose College

Find out why! Watch the whole interview here.


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Dionne Jennings is a Community Herbalist and the Marketing Coordinator for Wild Rose College with a mission to connect plants & people. She’s passionate about plant medicine, loves teaching, writing, researching, growing, and medicine making.

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The Soul and the Star

Sylvia Victor Linsteadt

Sylvia Victor Linsteadt is a writer, artist, and certified animal tracker. Her work—both fiction and non-fiction—is rooted in myth, ecology, feminism & bioregionalism, and is devoted to broadening our human stories to include the voices of the living land.

Her published fiction includes the middle grade children’s duology The Stargold Chronicles—The Wild Folk (Usborne, June 2018) and The Wild Folk Rising (Usborne, May 2019)— Our Lady of the Dark Country, a collection of short stories (January 2018) and Tatterdemalion (Unbound, Spring 2017); her works of nonfiction include The Wonderments of the East Ba(Heyday 2014), and  Lost Worlds of the San Francisco Bay Area (Heyday, Spring 2017). Her short fiction has been published in New California Writing 2013, Dark MountainBeneath Ceaseless Skies, The Golden Key  and Deathless PressShe has a regular column with Earthlines Magazine, and her creative nonfiction can also be found in PoecologyDark Mountain, and News from Native California. For three years (from 2013 to 2016) Sylvia ran a stories-in-the-mail business called Wild Talewort, in which she sent out rewilded tellings of fairytales and myths to the physical-post boxes of hundreds of subscribers around the world.

Lost Worlds of the San Francisco Bay Area won the Northern California Book Award in General Nonfiction in 2018.

The short story “The Midwife of Temescal” won the James D. Phelan Literary Award from the San Francisco Foundation in Fall 2014. She has an Honors B.A. in Literary Arts from Brown University.

She is represented by Jessica Woollard at David Higham Associates, 7th Floor, Waverley House, 7-12 Noel Street, London W1F 8GQ

Sylvia can be contacted at grayfoxepistles <at> gmail <dot> com. Sign up for Sylvia’s newsletter here!

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