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Welcome to CWIC

(the Old English word for LIFE)


Welcome to the wonderful world of CWIC, your network of creative, intuitive, heart-centred visioners and changemakers, who are making a difference in these turbulent times through a multitude of pathways, to restore, rejuvenate, reconnect and heal.

CWIC is the ideal platform for Earth-loving enterprises from art, healing, food, gardening, writing, mythology, poetry, handcrafting, education, activism, spirituality, astrology, sustainable living and foraging to apparel, rewilding and even storytelling of all backgrounds and lineage. A ‘virtual village’ of empowered folk supporting one another, showcasing our enterprises to the world, and building lifelong relationships with others of like hearts and passions.

CWIC vendors and patrons are all threads in the glorious tapestry of our own ‘new normal’, where the success of one, is the success of all, ever creative, renewing, healing and sustaining.

Whether as a patron or a vendor, you will find a network of like-minded folk who will inspire and support you in your journey as we navigate these unprecedented days and strive to be the change that is essential for a better tomorrow.



CWIC is open to all creating ethical lifestyles through natural and creative practices that support Mother Earth in the revival of forgotten wisdom.

As a PATRON you will find a welcoming, creative and diverse Earth-loving community connecting you to those tools, resources, products, knowledge, and inspiration needed to live ethical, healthy lives worth cultivating.

CWIC makes it easier to live consciously as you vote with your dollar to grow an ethical and sustainable new world.

As a  CWIC VENDOR you will have your own store/homepage with your very own dashboard where you can, among other:

  • publish unlimited products, services, classes & workshops and events
  • share unlimited articles promoting your ideas, products or services
  • set up gift certificates and special offers with flexible discount promo codes
  • receive bookings for your courses & events through CWICs Booking System
  • import your products from, and export to CSV from your dashboard
  • sell worldwide or find patrons in your area using CWICs Store Locator
  • have online personal communication with your patrons in order to assist them with enquiries regarding your products or services
  • pull traffic via CWIC to your own website or online store selling through your own website
  • sell through CWIC with:
  1. order fulfillment made easy with store invoices and shipping labels
  2. share tracking of deliveries, and notify when shipping status changes.
  • Make use of CWICs currency converter for easy sales in your own currency.
  • With CWIC there are NO hidden costs, NO percentages to pay on sales or clicks.
  • Our launch special of $59.95 (normal cost $95 p/a) is valid until the end of September 2020 and will NOT increase annually.
  • Should you decided to take advantage of our discounted offer of $59.95, your subscription will remain $59.95 for life.
  • Sell ‘on-the-go’ and manage your store 24/7/365 using CWICs APP on your mobile phone.

It is a joy to be a part of the great re-awakening, seeing ancient connections within us brought to life again.
We do hope you join us!


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