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Welcome to CWIC

(the Old English word for LIFE)

About Us


We wanted to create the creative, Earth-loving community we always wanted to find, but no-one had made yet – a collection of Earth-friendly ideas, products, books, art, foods, health, healing and eco resources with inspiration from people that share common core values.


A space where like-minded folk can buy & sell with confidence. A diverse kindred community – a collective nostos, a collective voyage home to forgotten wisdom. CWIC is our expression for a better tomorrow as we navigate these turbulent times and dream into a collective vision of a more just, healthy and beautiful world.


We stand in solidarity with all of humanity & with Mother Earth and all who dwell on Her, and would be delighted if you joined us!


Earth blessings,

Sage Panakia

Shelley Christie

Panagiotis Nakopoulos


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