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Welcome to CWIC

(the Old English word for LIFE)

Welcome to the glorious world of CWIC, the Old English word for LIFE.

Where the ancient wisdom of OWL & the colour GREEN, symbolising renewal, nature, healing and growth

Combine in a creative NETwork of inspiring visioners, sages & healers, guiding us home.

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Cactus & Corn Tortillas

Last weekend I hosted the incredibly knowledgeable Enrique Villasenor, local healer in training, who taught all about how to use ...

Wild Greens and Pinyon Pine Cream Sauce

I think the first “wild food” recipe that I ever made was a nettle pesto. I would speculate, though, that ...

Lemon Rosemary Chicken of the Woods Mushroom

I have found that this normally “dry” wild mushroom is an excellent candidate for sous vide, rather than the usual ...

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